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An introduction to Phuket, Thailand

  As a tourist destination, Phuket is surprisingly young. Even 30 years ago, there were few hotels, mostly barren beaches and little activity at the island’s airport. Today, it is hard to escape from the 5-star hotel complexes that cover much of the island, and the airport is in the midst of a major upgrade […]

Thailand and its gay

    You are in Thailand. Amazing Thailand! The Land of Smiles! A country of almost 70 million situated in the balmy tropics. A land of beautiful islands, exotic temples, long sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, rice paddies, water buffaloes, archeological sites, state-of-the-art shopping malls, mouth-watering food, a nightlife that is legendary – and, above all, […]

An introduction to Pattaya, the best Thailand gay playground

PATTAYA, located on the Gulf of Thailand coast just a couple of hours drive to the south from central Bangkok and ninety minutes from Bangkok’s international airport, has long been the favourite destination for gay travellers from around the world. Once a quiet and sleepy fishing village, Pattaya has expanded explosively into a flourishing international […]